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For more than fifteen years, W. Hardy Interactive has helped both small businesses and large corporate clients alike to succeed with online productions that combine innovative software with effective branding. We can help your organization build its community with an online presence that integrates the latest in web technologies and our own unique solutions, including content management systems.

Walter Hardy
Walter Hardy, an Electrical Engineer first employed at IBM, has been working in Interactive Technology since 1993.

Today he applies his skills in programming, design, technology writing, project management and corporate branding to a varied and diverse set of clients. [ more ]
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Documentation & Technology Services

As a technology developer, we also excel at technology documentation. Walter Hardy and staff produce in-depth articles, documentation, tutorials, on-ramps and binary builds to help companies reach their target audience with professional and effective communication.

Our assignments often require that we approach some of the most advanced and innovative technologies — technologies that may be new and undocumented but are destined to reach mass adoption. We learn these technologies as a developer would often develop applications within them — and then create effective documentation that extends reach to new and experienced developers alike.

In addition, we produce software products, consult with corporate clients, and produce innovative websites. Our custom-built Content Management System drives hundreds of websites. We also host and manage complex multi-server configurations for our clients.

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New Projects

Currently developing documentation and guides for the PingOne Single Sign-On (SSO) services.
Built and wrote tutorials to assist with the on-ramp for the CloudHubTM — an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

Launched a new real estate platform for a Sotheby's affiliate allowing 50 agents to each manage unique websites with our CMS product.
Assisted Cisco Systems with documentation for a resource of widgets and components for the building and expansion of Cisco.com.

Consulted extensively on documentation for the initial release Mule Studio, a visual editor for ESB development.
Assisted Oracle with NetBeans 7 product documentation.
We also support, enhance and maintain a wide array of clients with diverse websites, many hosted on our Windows, Solaris, Linux and Ubuntu servers.

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